Saab MFI-13 - a prototype before Saab Sonett II

Björn Karlström designed the first prototype for Sonett II. It was built by Malmö Aviation Industry (MFI Malmö Flygindustri) and, unlike the forthcoming Sonett sheet metal body. The car was painted white and had an empty weight of about 650 kg. It got a 60 hp Saab sports engine and was claimed to have a top speed of 150 km / h. The first official appearance for the press and audience was at the Hedenlunda rally, which was run in Sörmland on February 4, 1965. Finally, it was the MFI-13 that went out of the battle over which model was to be produced in series.

However, Saab chose to build with fiberglass which at that time was a new material.