Saab Sonett V4 - in the middle 1968 - 1969

When the standard models of the Saab 95 and 96 got the V4 engine, it was obvious that the same engine would also sit in the Sonett II named "V4". It was not easy to fit in with an engine that the car was not designed for from the start. GAS, Gunnar A Sjögren was given the task of redesigning the hood so that the higher V4 engine would be accommodated. He solved the task elegantly and if you look carefully, the elevation of the hood is slightly shifted to the right to disturb the driver's view as little as possible.


Front wheel drive, freewheel. 4-speed gearbox with steering wheel lever.

Long-mounted, four-cylinder four-stroke, V4 engine.

Screw springs front and rear, disc brakes front, rear drums.

Telescopic shock.

Set rear axle. Tubeless tires. 12 volt power system.

Power 65 hp. Acceleration 0-100km/h 12.5 sec, top speed 160 km/h.

Weights and Measures:

Shaft spacing 2149 mm.

Track width 1232 mm.

Length / width 3770/1500 mm.

Service weight about 845 kg.