Some news

With an old car, or more rarely lacking employment.

The year that passed soon resulted in a lot of work, short, I can say

•    Information about Cookies (not used at all)
•    Some new pictures here
•    Finally did the fottball rims came into place
•    During the spring 2018 did all of us move to southern part of Sweden and finally a bigger garage
•    Almost all pictures from the restoration of the V4 is now a lot bigger
•    The clutch in the III is now changed to a race clutch
•    All videos are converted to HTML-5 and no Plug-Ins should be needed
•    Switching the clutch and lifting the engine (3 times)

•    Relocation of fire extinguisher

•    Testing on the rolling road

•, worth seeing (Swedish web-site for old cars only)

•    The shock absorbers were changed on the III, unfortunately, no images

  1.    Some more pictures for the project Saab Sonett V4 here

  2.   Finally the Sonett V4 is ready for roads